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Kwame Alexander’s Epic New Trilogy

13/02/2023 15:38:57

From New York Times best-selling author Kwame Alexander comes the first book in a breath-taking trilogy that tells story of a boy, his family, his life in a small village in West Africa and beyond…

A sweeping story told in lyrical verse from the award-winning author of The Undefeated, Booked, Rebound, and The Crossover, soon to be a major Disney+ series.

'At once vivid and simple, lyrical and surgical, expressive and exacting' Lupita Nyong'o

Eleven-year-old Kofi Offin has dreams of water, of its urgent whisper that beckons with promises and secrets. He has heard the call on the banks of Upper Kwanta, West Africa, where he lives. He loves these things above all else: his family, the fireside tales of his father’s father, a girl named Ama, and, of course, swimming. But when the unthinkable – a sudden death – occurs during a festival between rival villages, Kofi ends up in a fight for his life. What happens next will send him on a harrowing journey across land and sea, and away from everything he loves. Yet Kofi’s dreams may be the key to his freedom…

Read an extract of The Door of No Return here.

Hardback 02/03/2023

ISBN 9781839133244