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Night on Terror Island book launch at the Plaza!

31/05/2011 17:52:56

Over 500 children gathered at the resplendent Stockport Plaza to celebrate the publication of Philip Caveney's thrilling and cinematic new book, Night on Terror Island...

In early May, Andersen Press launched Philip Caveney’s fantastic new film-themed children’s book, Night on Terror Island at Stockport Plaza with over 500 children from schools all across Stockport. The action-packed adventure story finds a group of kids mysteriously projected into a terrifying horror movie. Once they’re in the movie, everything’s real, including the sabre-toothed tigers and Neanderthals! And if they don’t get out before the credits roll, they’re stuck in the film forever! The book has been dubbed a must-have for all film fanatics.

Watch the scary book trailer here on our YouTube channel.