Phil Earle’s Until The Road Ends named Blackwell’s Book of the Month

Andersen Press are delighted to announce Until the Road Ends by Phil Earle is this month’s Children’s Book of the Month across Blackwell’s stores, launching a huge consumer campaign for the independent publisher on their fiction super-lead.

Free school resources have been developed with Scott Evans, leading ‘tweacher’ Mr E Primary, with specially recorded video content from award-winning author Phil Earle to compliment the activities for classrooms. Both can be found here.

Andersen Press and Phil Earle are also hosting another free virtual event via YouTube at 2pm on 14th June, with over 5000 pupils signed up to view already.

This online event is free for all and is in addition to the more than 20 in-person school events Phil has lined up around the country in the coming month to celebrate the launch of the new book.

Andersen Press have also invested heavily in trade activity on the title, with a major proof campaign complimenting various trade ads and promotions in the lead-up to and on publication.

In Until The Road Ends, the third book in Phil Earle’s World War II collection of novels, Peggy saves a stray dog from near-death and a beautiful friendship begins. Peggy and Beau are inseparable: the only thing that can ever come between them is war. Peggy is evacuated to the safety of the coast, but Beau is left behind in the city, where he becomes the most extraordinary and unlikely of war heroes.

Night after night, as bombs rain down and communities are destroyed, Beau searches the streets, saving countless families. But then disaster strikes, changing Peggy’s life forever. With her parents killed, both she and Beau are left alone, hundreds of miles apart. But Beau has a plan to reunite them at long last…

The book has been praised across the media; already named Children’s Book of the Week in the Sunday Times and reviewed in Daily Mail, “Based on several true events, this thrilling adventure is exciting, witty, warm and occasionally heart-breaking. Keep the tissues handy…”, further praise haze been given by Phil’s peers:

I very much admire Phil Earle’s inventiveness and truthful emotional powerPhilip Pullman

Phil Earle is a magnificent writer. This is a thrilling adventure laced with humour, suspense, and love. Just brilliantKatya Balen

A truly brilliant book. Phil Earle is the kind of writer who shines a light on what it is to be human, what it is to be loved, and how an adventure can help us find ourselves, whether that be on the page or off of it.A.F. Steadman

Phil’s previous books with Andersen Press have been commercial and critical smash hits; When The Sky Falls won the British Book Award for Children’s Fiction, Books Are My Bag Reader Award and Teach Primary Book Award and was the 11th best-selling children’s fiction book of 2021 and is currently in development as a TV series with Studio Crook. While The Storm Rages is shortlisted for the inaugural The Week Junior Book Awards and was named a 2022 book of the year in The Sunday Times and Daily Mail, and broke into the Children’s Independent Retailers top 50 bestsellers for 2022. The books are Andersen’s #1 and #3 best-selling books for 2022 in terms of value.

Until the Road Ends by Phil Earle is out now in paperback, £7.99

ISBN: 9781839133169, Ages 9–11+ years