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The Mordred Resurrection – A Short Story by Michael Malaghan

24/01/2014 16:58:27

Author Michael Malaghan has written a spin-off short story involving the characters from his latest book, The Lost Prophecies.

About The Lost Prophecies

Staying with their museum-curator uncle in Egypt, Callie and Nick Latham make a startling discovery: a four-thousand year-old hieroglyphic message written to them. These are not standard hieroglyphics, but a code only Callie and Nick can interpret.

When they’re kidnapped by an ancient sect they realise they’re in way over their heads, but there’s no turning back. And so the two race to unravel an ancient plot and follow a maze of lethal clues in search of life-changing secrets . . .

A fast-moving thriller with breath-taking action scenes and some seriously evil villains. The Lost Prophecies will have young readers on the edge of their seats.

Click here to read the short story – The Mordred Resurrection – for yourself!