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Tudor launch for Berlie Doherty’s TREASON

04/04/2011 14:34:14

On Saturday afternoon, in an aptly chosen Tudor venue in Sheffield, Andersen Press and Rhyme and Reason launched TREASON, Berlie Doherty’s latest novel for 9+ children.

The audience were captivated by Berlie’s introduction to the book and two subsequent readings. Treason has been selected by the Booksellers’ Association as part of their IndieBound campaign which promotes  a collection of titles selected by indie bookseller’s for indie booksellers. Berlie will be actively promoting Treason in schools and libraries throughout the country in the coming months, including a stint in Essex, an area famously favoured by Henry V111 himself.

Berlie Doherty Treason Book Launch 


Listen to Berlie talk about this exciting, historical adventure story on the Books for Keeps website.