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Sally Doran
Sally Doran

Sally grew up in Pembrokeshire and studied journalism and theatre before embarking on a career as a children's author, inspired by her sister who is also a writer. She now lives in a little cottage in the South West of England. Boom, Bang, Royal Meringue is her debut book, in part inspired by her love of meringues – her second favourite food after avocados!


Rachael Saunders
Rachael Saunders

Rachael Saunders is a Hampshire-based illustrator with a passion for character design and storytelling. She graduated from Falmouth University in 2014 with a first class degree in Illustration and has since worked for a variety of international newspapers, brands, magazines and publishers.

Boom! Bang! Royal Meringue!

(Hardback) - 07/02/2019


Boom! Bang! Royal Meringue! RRP £11.99


Polite and perfect Princess Hannah has been so well behaved that the King and Queen have decided to get her a very special birthday present: The Marvellous Magical Pudding Machine! How can she possibly be expected to share such a wonderful thing with her friends?

Discover the fanciful and vivid picture book that gives hope that even those with the sweetest tooth might learn to share...