ISBN-13: 9781842706121

RRP: £6.99

Published: 4th October 2007

Length: 32 Pages

Daft Bat

All the young wild animals think Bat is mad. How can she say a tree has the trunk at the top and the leaves at the bottom? Until, that is, they consult wise Owl who suggests that if they just try looking at things from Bat's point of view, they might see thing very differently.


"An innovative picture book for children that is great fun to read aloud."
Independent on Sunday

"Ingenious and amusing"

"Daft Bat deftly taps into children's innate keenness to explore the world"
Nursery World

"A truly original story about umbrellas... and bats."
Nursery World

"Invites the reader to consider looking at the world from another's perspective."
Books for Keeps