ISBN-13: 9781448187546

RRP: £7.99

Published: 31st August 2014

Length: 336 Pages

Doing It

Dino's girlfriend won't give him what he wants. Jonathon is afraid of what his mates will think of the girl he likes. And Ben is having extra lessons from his sexy teacher. Three seventeen-year-old boys discover sex for the first time: but do they really know what they’re doing?


"The current king of this genre"
The Times

"Funny, honest and touching with engagingly mixed-up protagonists... realistic, but utterly uncynical"

"A genuinely moral work of fiction about a subject - the confusions, joys and terrors of adolescent male sexuality - rarely addressed with any such comprehension or sympathy"
Evening Standard

"Filth, which ever way you look at it"
Anne Fine

"Refreshingly realistic and unsentimental approach to sex"
Time Out