ISBN-13: 9781842703076

RRP: £4.99

Published: 26th June 2003

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

Dr Xargle's Book Earth Relations

'Today we are going to learn about Earth families. An Earth family is a collection of Earthlings who belong to each other whether they like it or not.'Dr Xargle, the great, green alien school teacher is now attempting the hot topic of Earth relations, and his views are as refreshing, remarkable, and idiosyncratic as ever! Brother Earthlets are 'Bother Earthlets', smelly, sticky and dangerous, while Sister Earthlets, 'Sulker Earthlets', are shy, sneaky and give piercing shrieks. It's Earth, folks, and oh, how we know it!


"Great fun to read aloud or for children to read on their own!"
Nursery World

"Hilarious lessons on human behaviour."
The Bookseller