ISBN-13: 9781783441570

RRP: £7.99

Published: 4th June 2015

Length: 32 Pages

Fish is Fish

The pond is home to a tadpole and a minnow, two underwater friends. But when the tadpole grows into a frog and hops onto the land, a new world unfolds before his eyes. He returns to the pond and tells his friend fantastic tales of the things he's seen: birds and cows and mysterious things called people! Fish longs to be a frog so that he can see this wonderful world too, and decides that he will follow in his friend's footsteps, come what may...


"A sparkling story, simple but full of surprising depth"

"Wonderfully dramatic story. Unmissable."
Red Reading Hub blog

"Wonderfully dramatic story. Unmissable."
Red Reading Hub blog

"With his accustomed subtle interplay of graphic wit, clear language and plain thinking, Lionni wisely proves that a minnow's grasp should not exceed his oxygen supply - that there's lots to be said for the life of even a small fish in a small pond."
New York Times

"Picture books I could not live without."
Eric Carle