ISBN-13: 9781849396097

RRP: £6.99

Published: 4th October 2012

Length: 32 Pages

Frog and the Stranger

When Rat comes to live at the edge of their wood, the animals decide they don't like having a stranger in their midst. But Frog is friendly by nature, and decides to find out if Rat is really as unpleasant as he is made out to be. As Frog discovers, Rat is intelligent and good hearted, and proves in a series of unexpected emergencies that the other animals have been too quick to condemn him.


"Accessible, clear and uncomplicated child-friendly language. This will be a favourite."

"Frog is an inspired creation - a masterpiece of graphic simplicity."

"This is one of a series of books about Frog; look out also for Frog Finds a Friend, with the same trademark exploration of the emotional highs and lows with which all small children are familiar."
Yvonne Coppard - Armadillo Magazine