ISBN-13: 9781842705643

RRP: £5.99

Published: 22nd June 2006

Length: 32 Pages


Intended for young children, this book presents opposites in a clear and simple way, making the most of the old truth that one picture can tell a thousand words.

Ruth Brown's luminous and famously painterly illustration perfectly balance the simple and rhythmic text.


"Ruth Brown is an amazing illustrator."

"A child lies in bed near the open window and imagines various scenes which are strikingly depicted in trademark painterly style."
The Bookseller

"A wonderful book to share"
Green Parent

"Brown takes readers on an enchanting ride through a world of opposites as she urges youngsters to 'Imagine round, Imagine flat,/Imagine thin, imagine fat.' A menagerie of animals and landscape illustrations add to the sense of magic."
Publishers Weekly

"Ruth Brown's painterly illustrations offer a feast for the imagination."
Julia Eccleshare - SLA