ISBN-13: 9781842705940

RRP: £5.99

Published: 1st February 2007

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

It's So Unfair!

Cat has been thrown out of the farmhouse in disgrace: the animals in the farmyard are sorry for him, and prepared to be righteously angry on his behalf. But each time they question him, yet another piece of mischief gets mentioned! When the farmer hears of it, he is prepared to re-instate the cat, until he hears the final 'small' misdemeanour the cat confesses to!


"Animal solidarity is brilliantly conveyed in Jonathan Allen's big, bold and hugely entertaining illustrations."

"A funny, colourful gem. "
The Guide

"Cat's understated account makes light of his misdeeds, but in his droll illustrations Allen shows us the real havoc wreaked by the sympathy-seeking moggy."
Books for Keeps

"Children will delight in this comic drama with comic text and cartoon-like illustrations"

"An entertaining read with large eye-catching illustrations and a storyline that adults will love to read aloud"
Early Years Educator