ISBN-13: 9781849392013

RRP: £7.99

Published: 30th September 2010

Length: 32 Pages

Mouse Trouble

Hundreds of mischievous mice are causing trouble in the miller’s barn, and his new tabby cat is not very good at catching them. In fact, it’s not long before the mice and the cat form a firm friendship against all odds. But when danger comes to the barn, the mice and the tabby must join forces to save themselves and each other.


"This is a clever tale that uses very accessible language. There is so much detail in (Quentin Blake's) illustrations that each time you look at them you notice something new."
The Bookbag

"Combining the writing talent of John Yeoman and the wonderful illustrations of Quentin Blake is inspired! This book should be in every home and school library."
Parents In Touch

"Blake's wonderful illustrations mean that children would want to return to this book again and again. A lovely story."

"The nocturnal shenanigans make this an especially appealing bedtime read-aloud, and the lengthier narrative will tempt and challenge adventurous beginning readers."
Booklist, USA