ISBN-13: 9781787612426

RRP: £7.49

Published: 4th August 2022

One Drop

In war-torn Britain, inseparable Black Radicals Axel and Dune are arrested. With SIMs implanted in their heads, they are placed in a prison camp for those who defy the Bloods’ white supremacist government. The SIMs brainwash them with the Bloods’ evil philosophy, and drones constantly monitor their movements and thoughts.
In this living nightmare, the couple battle to keep their love alive and to break free. The odds on survival are long. Dune and Axel have very different takes on how to escape. But when things come to a head, will their love hold them together and set them free, or will it tear them apart?


"An unforgettable vision of a future where racism has run riot and love, perhaps, can still conquer all"
Melvin Burgess

"Potent, page-turning speculative fiction exploring brutal racism, indoctrination, and the power of love... an electrifying, challenging wake-up call, with the love and resistance of its main characters driving an unforgettable story"