ISBN-13: 9781448188727

RRP: £11.99

Published: 4th May 2017

Length: 32 Pages

Our Kid

"Go straightly to school, Our Kid," said Dad. But unless a fish-driven submarine, dinopirates and an elephant ride are the fastest way to school, Our Kid is not doing too well.

This tour-de-force from the legendary Tony Ross takes you on a journey to school like no other, and shows that sometimes the oddballs (especially of the goat variety) win the day!


"Ross' cartoon-style illustrations with their characteristic shaky ink line and painterly watercolors evoke humor that reinforces the absurdity of the tale. A tall tale with lots of fun kidding around."

"With a sympathetic protagonist and lovably quirky ink-and-watercolor illustrations, this picture book delivers plenty of read-aloud fun."

"Fantastic story... Ross’s off-beat use of language is both inspired and playful"
Red Reading Hub

"In Our Kid Tony Ross has produced yet another marvellously unique miracle"
The School Librarian