ISBN-13: 9781849393720

RRP: £5.99

Published: 6th October 2011

Length: 28 Pages

  • Paperback


A beautiful girl with long golden hair named Rapunzel is kept imprisoned in a lonely tower by a horrible witch. One day, a prince passing by is enchanted by Rapunzel's lovely singing voice and decides he must set her free.


"The words and the illustrations combine beautifully and will ensure that children will not tire of reading this wonderful traditional tale - and neither will their parents."
The Bookbag

"Very well told with densely colourful illustrations."
The School Librarian

"Her subtle tapestry-like illustration style (and) lyrical text helps transport the reader back at least as far as the Brothers Grimm in true ‘once upon a time’ fashion."

"Dazzling illustrations...accompany this retelling of the dramatic, classic fairytale"