ISBN-13: 9781849390040

RRP: £7.99

Published: 8th July 2010

Length: 40 Pages

The Bear's Water Picnic

Bear invites his friends to join him for a picnic on the new raft he has built. Everything is going swimmingly until their outing is disrupted by a group of loud frogs, who want to join the fun. Bear and his friends don't want the frogs to join them, but they run into some trouble trying to escape...can an unexpected rescue save the day?


"Best-loved illustrator Quentin Blake brings to life this lyrical, watery story."

"You can't help but be enchanted by [Quentin Blake's pictures], with their vibrancy and expressiveness."

"The illustrations are classic Blake, full of vitality and humour and spilling all over the page. A delightful, summery tale"

"It's ideal bedtime story material, fun, and somehow reassuring"

"Quentin's distinctly joyful picturing adorns the story of The Bear's Water Picnic"
The School Librarian