ISBN-13: 9781839134869

RRP: £8.99

Published: 6th June 2024

Length: 368 Pages

The Ghost of Us

Cara is an aspiring ghost hunter, determined to show she’s more than a high school outcast by finding proof of the supernatural. Then she stumbles upon the spirit of Aiden, a popular boy who died a year ago. Yet Aiden has his own plan to help his reclusive sister Meredith recover from his death. And he’s decided Cara’s the girl for the job.
Cara agrees to ask Meredith out in exchange for Aiden helping her prove there’s life beyond death. No dates, no ghost. Wooing the standoffish Meredith isn’t going to be easy, however. With Aiden’s coaching, Cara slowly wins Meredith over – and finds herself really falling for her in the process. But as Meredith gets happier and Aiden’s mission nears completion, his ghost begins to fade. Can Cara carry on dating and deceiving Meredith – or will she have to give up the ghost?


"Smart, addictive, and romantic as hell, The Ghost of Us is the paranormal rom-com of my dreams! It’s a perfect blend of heart and humor, and the way it gives romantic comedy tropes a supernatural twist is truly marvelous. It's a must-read that'll have you swooning, laughing out loud and wishing you had your own ghostly wingman. I loved this book!"
Cale Dietrich, bestselling author of If This Gets Out and The Rules of Royalty

"Sweet, acerbic, heartfelt, and witty, The Ghost of Us is like a long, languid hangout with the best people you know on a warm summer afternoon - with a ghost along with the ride. A warm, wonderful story of first loves and last moments."
Robert Jackson Bennett, award-winning author of The Tainted Cup and Foundryside

"I was in a slump where I hated everything I read, and The Ghost of Us lifted me right out of it. Absolutely fantastic."
Dan Wells, bestselling author of I Am Not a Serial Killer

"Solid pacing will keep the pages turning, and readers will be drawn into the girls' love story... A light paranormal story centering on a sweet queer romance and teens navigating big changes."