ISBN-13: 9781842709887

RRP: £7.99

Published: 1st April 2010

Length: 32 Pages

The Great Dog Bottom Swap

The day has arrived for the Dogs' Summer Ball. It's so high class, that each dog must remove their bottom before they are allowed inside the hall. But in the middle of all the frivolity something unexpected happens and the dogs have to make a hasty exit... with or without the correct bottom!

'Big, clever, funny' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

'It's maybe my all time favourite kids' book' DAWN O'PORTER

'Unmissable!' BOOKSELLER

Celebrating its 10th year in publication, this unmissable and hilarious picture book has been shortlisted for the Sheffield Book Award, the Best Children's Illustrated Book Award and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize.


"Big, clever, funny."
The Sunday Telegraph

"It's maybe my all time favourite kids' book"
Dawn O'Porter

Bookseller's Choice, The Bookseller

"It's illustrated with beautiful simplicity, written with verve - and is like nothing else you'll read this year."
Benjamin Secher - The Daily Telegraph

"Clever and inventive... great fun from an author with a superb sense of humour... this is a hilarious picture book for slightly older children and a great book to read aloud."
Northern Ireland Homes & Lifestyle