ISBN-13: 9781849393843

RRP: £6.99

Published: 1st March 2012

Length: 32 Pages

The Great Sheep Shenanigans

"A lamb for my supper will taste mighty fine!"
Thought a wily old wolf by the name of Lou Pine.
As he sneakily, slyly snuck up on the flock -
But it wasn't the sheep that were in for a shock...

With a stunningly cunning plan, Lou Pine, finds a disguise that is sure to deliver a lamb stew or two. But this flock of sheep aren't quite the dumb mutton they seem...


"Should inspire giggles, curiosity and delight."
Sunday Independent (Dublin)

"Hilarious read-aloud romp. A real treat, and repeated readings will garner even more details and delights."
The Bookseller

"A joyous rhyming romp from this increasingly popular creative team . . . Matsuoka's distinctive style of illustration perfectly complements Bently's wicked humour."
Sally Morris - Daily Mail

"A catchy rhyming text propels this entertaining story...great illustrations"

"A lovely book which will make an excellent gift or a brilliant borrow from the library, and I suspect your child might not want to take it back!"
The Bookbag