ISBN-13: 9781839134289

RRP: £14.99

Published: 6th June 2024

Length: 80 Pages

  • Hardback

The Happy Prince


"Illustrated in purple throughout, this is both uplifting and a warning against the excess of capitalism"
The Bookseller, Editor's Choice

"With rich colours of purple and gold, this book is a feast for the eyes… As relevant now as it was over 130 years ago"
Press Association, Children's Book of the Week

"This gorgeous version of Oscar Wilde's classic fable is a heartwarming delight"
Waterstones, Best Children's Books June 2024

"Sumptuous... A beautifully modern and relevant retelling of a classic moral tale"

"It’s a story of empathy that has stood the test of time, and that all children should read … especially as this edition is so beautiful!"