ISBN-13: 9781849392006

RRP: £7.99

Published: 3rd February 2011

Length: 32 Pages

The Heron and the Crane

Crane is lonely at his end of the swamp. Heron lives on the other side, and Crane decides that they would be perfect for each other. However Heron isn't sure she agrees. Proposals and rejections, arguments and reconciliations - will Heron and Crane ever come together and overcome their differences?


"The text has me chuckling every time and the illustrations by Quentin Blake are the perfect accompaniment."
Parents In Touch

"Rather odd premise for a children's picture book, but somehow it manages to work . . . I like it better each time I read it!"

"A charming new book aimed at young children featuring the world famously brilliant illustrations of Quentin Blake."
Bury Free Press

"John Yeoman and Quentin Blake are names on a book to guarantee something extra special and The Heron and the Crane is just that."
The School Librarian

"There is an appeal (and certainly some moxie) to swapping the expected happy ending for this more ruminative approach."
Booklist, USA