ISBN-13: 9781849397735

RRP: £6.99

Published: 1st August 2013

Length: 28 Pages

  • Paperback

The Hoppameleon

When the world is still quite young, there was a sleepy, slurpy swamp. And in it swam a very odd-looking creature . . . As he makes his way in the world, this very odd-looking creature, with a long sticky tongue, who can hunt like a chameleon and sing like a parrot, isn't quite sure who or what he is. Nor is anyone else. But he does know that he wants to find a friend who is just like himself.

‘An enchanting tale from the winner of the Children's Book Award, and a great book for teaching about citizenship.’ School Librarian


"Beautifully told and illustrated, this is one to treasure"
Early Years Educator

"A wonderful book to share with young children. The text is superb and the gradual building up of the creature's name is irresistible."

"Paul Geraghty is an artist who never puts a foot wrong."