ISBN-13: 9781787612747

RRP: £6.66

Published: 2nd May 2024

The House at the End of the Sea

Saffi doesn't want her new life, living with her dad, little brother and old-fashioned grandparents in their B&B by the sea. She is grieving for her mum and longs for things to go back to normal.
But this new home is anything but normal: the walls change colour, a face appears in the mirror, and the pantry is suddenly filled with fancy food. When a party of extraordinary visitors arrive at midnight, Saffi begins to realise that her family has a dark, magical secret. It will take all her bravery to discover the truth and find a way into another world...

Cover art by Sharon King-Chai


"A delightfully eerie mystery that explores complicated family histories. A twisty tale of fairy folklore and what it means to stand betwixt and between"
Skye McKenna

"Majestic, in the tradition of Garner and Cooper. A debut with real magic in its pages"
Sinéad O'Hart

"What a gorgeous story! The setting felt inventive, while leaning into traditional folktales. The family dynamic was complex and nuanced, but totally sympathetically done. I was gripped by the story and characters and raced through the final chapters. A brilliant book for young readers"
Elen Caldecott

"Set in a quiet English seaside town, this warm fantasy rises like a wave, with grief, family, and colonialism as backdrops to dangerous bargains with magic. Starring a brave girl trying to both discover the truth and protect her younger brother, this delightful contemporary take on fairy legends also poses questions of how to recognize - and atone for - a troubled past"
Diane Magras

"The House at the End of the Sea has it all: characters to cheer for, worldbuilding that weaves together the fantastical and the everyday, and magic that is curious, double-edged, and fraught with consequence. Definitely a story that kept me reading!"
Helen Lowe - Gemmell Award-winning author of The Wall of Night series