ISBN-13: 9781849393713

RRP: £12.99

Published: 6th October 2011

Length: 288 Pages

The Snow Merchant

Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind-swept coast of Albion, with no one to talk to but Periwinkle the pigeon. Her days are filled with floor-sweeping, bed-making and soup-stirring. Her nights are filled with dreams of her mother, who vanished long ago. Nothing incredible has ever happened to Lettie, until one winter's night.
The night the Snow Merchant comes.
He claims to be an alchemist - the greatest that ever lived - and in a mahogany suitcase, he carries his newest invention.
It is an invention that will change Lettie's life - and the world - forever.
It is an invention called snow.
The Snow Merchant is a fantasy filled with family secrets, magical transformations and wild adventure. Join Lettie on her journey to uncover the true meaning of snow, family and friendship.


"A tale of self discovery, family and inventive and accomplished debut."
Daniel Hahn - Independent on Sunday

"A delightful debut...full of action and invention."
Nicolette Jones - Sunday Times

"A germ of JK and a pinch of Pullman."

"A very promising debut novel from Gayton, full of fairytale and fun, which should appeal to Lemony Snicket fans."
Sally Morris - Daily Mail

"A quirky and very inventive debut; filled with exotic characters and quite a lot of charm."
Editor's Choice, Children's Books Ireland