ISBN-13: 9781783449354

RRP: £12.99

Published: 7th January 2021

Length: 32 Pages

The Worrying Worries

What happens when you get a Worry? They can follow you around everywhere, and they are HUNGRY. They feed on your fears and put sad thoughts in your head until they’ve grown so big, it can be hard to get anything done! Luckily, the Worry Expert knows exactly what to do.


"A funny, insightful story"
The Bookseller

"A vibrant picture book on how to handle your worries... written in a fluid rhyming text and with bold, child-friendly illustrations, this is a great book to share and will be really helpful for anxious children"

"Presenting a challenging topic in an accessible, engaging manner, The Worrying Worries is perfect for sharing."
Sue Wilsher - ReadingZone

"So bright and vibrant and with end papers to die for this is a beautiful and much needed book to add to your collection"

"[N]ot only an accessibly and inclusively illustrated picture book, but a practical workbook too - what a powerful addition to school and home bookshelves and a great tool to open conversations, encourage empathy and offer reassurance. The rhyming narrative adds to the fun; we’ve read it so much since it arrived"
The Little Literary Society