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Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies spent several years living amongst Fulani herders in Burkina Faso as a missionary. He has written for the Guardian Weekly (Letters from Burkina Faso) and the Sunday Times and is the author of several books for young readers.

The Yellowcake Conspiracy

(eBook) - 15/07/2009


The Yellowcake Conspiracy RRP £5.99


'Get back on the bus!' One of the policemen was walking towards them holding his pistol.
Haroun flicked on his helmet-lamp and peered in through the window of the car. Claude Gerard was dead!

When the Director of the Saharan uranium mine where he works is mysteriously murdered, fourteen year-old Haroun embarks on a dangerous new role as a spy in the service of the French Government. A shocking conspiracy is unearthed - somebody is trafficking 'yellowcake', a key ingredient in the production of nuclear bombs. Faced with the threat of the yellowcake falling into the hands of a rogue state, time is running out...

  • eBook
  • Published: 15/07/2009
  • ISBN: 9781849398190
  • Other Editions: Paperback
  • Age Range: 12+ years