ISBN-13: 9781842703854

RRP: £9.99

Published: 3rd March 2005

Length: 32 Pages

Three Monsters

Two monsters react in a deplorably recognisable and unwelcoming way when a strange third monster arrives in their idyll by the sea. The alien says that his homeland was destroyed by an earthquake, and he needs a place to live - and he offers to make himself useful to them if the two monsters let him stay. Having originally told him to go, they rethink, and make him do lots of necessary land clearing that they had been too lazy to do themselves. Once he has done it, the horrible pair do tell him to go, and then watch in amazement as he dances back to his boat. The clever stranger has built himself his own personal little island with the earth and plants they told him to clear away.


"The fact that this short and simple tale can work at different levels is a tribute to McKee's conciseness and humour."
GH - Books for Keeps

"Children will relate to this simply told but meaningful parable with its humorous illustrations."
Linda Banner - School Librarian, Vol 53

"A new modern fable from a master storyteller."
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