ISBN-13: 9781787612532

RRP: £6.66

Published: 1st June 2023

Until the Road Ends

Until the Road Ends is the eagerly awaited new novel from the bestselling author of When the Sky Falls: The Times Children's Book of the Year, winner of a Books Are My Bag Readers Award, the British Book Award for Children’s Fiction and shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.

Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal for Writing

When Peggy saves a stray dog from near-death, a beautiful friendship begins. Peggy and Beau are inseparable: the only thing that can ever come between them is war. Peggy is evacuated to the safety of the coast, but Beau is left behind in the city, where he becomes the most extraordinary and unlikely of war heroes.
Night after night, as bombs rain down and communities are destroyed, Beau searches the streets, saving countless families. But then disaster strikes, changing Peggy’s life forever. With her parents killed, both she and Beau are left alone, hundreds of miles apart. But Beau has a plan to reunite them at long last . . .


"Phil Earle is a magnificent writer. This is a thrilling adventure laced with humour, suspense, and love. Just brilliant"
Katya Balen

"Earle's story has Spitfire action, a crocodile and incidents of self-sacrifice, and as always he can counted on to be emotionally involving"
The Sunday Times, Children's Book of the Week

"Dad's Army meets Animals of Farthing Wood. Warm, weepy, wonderful. Victory medals all round"
The Times, Children's Book of the Week

"Based on several true events, this thrilling adventure is exciting, witty, warm and occasionally heartbreaking"
Daily Mail

"A heartbreaking story of love and devotion in the midst of war"