ISBN-13: 9781787612037

RRP: £6.66

Published: 2nd March 2023

Length: 320 Pages

World Weavers

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal for Writing

‘There are other ways to be mighty, you know. Not just world weaving. We got all sorts of other powers, ones that are just as magic. Slower, surer ways to change what’s around us. I’m talking about kindness. I’m talking about love. That’s what Ma was strong in.’

Hush Quiet is a girl with an infinite baseball cap and certain views on love and kindness.

Her sister, Matilda, carries around a shotgun full of bees, and doesn’t need much excuse to fire it.

Hush and Matilda have been hiding out in a pocket world, ever since the war started. Ever since Dustbowl fell. Ever since what happened to Ma. But when a boy with no memory crosses into their reality, the sisters must confront their past, each other, and the intoxicating power that has torn their lives apart . . . the power known as worldweaving.


"There's awesome imagination and exciting invention on every single page"
Keith Gray

"Wildly original adventure from an author whose imagination seems boundless"

"Marvellous in every sense. There's awesome imagination and exciting invention on every single page. Yet at its heart it's a story of family and friendship and never letting go no matter how far apart you may be."
Keith Gray

"It's hard enough to build one world convincingly, but here we have an infinite number of them, all beautifully realised and as different from each other as the desert is from the sea. At the heart of them all is the relationship between two sisters, which is as honest as anything I've read. This novel of soaring imagination shows how kindness and love are what we need to survive."
Katie Cotton