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Rebecca Lisle
Rebecca Lisle

Rebecca Lisle was born in Yorkshire. She trained at Oxford University as a Biology teacher. After having lived in such exciting places as New York and Switzerland, she now lives in Bristol with her husband, two sons, and two cats.


(eBook) - 31/01/2014


Amethyst RRP £4.99


Amy jumps at the chance to leave her gloomy aunt and uncle and go to the mountains. But once there, she finds that she must to go to stay with the alien clan, the Wood People, and betray them. Worse still, when she meets the Woods she likes them, and her traitorous position there makes her more and more uncomfortable. A mysterious stranger turns up at the house, and kidnaps their beloved wolf cub. Amy is soon engaged in the chase through the winter landscape to a final showdown.

  • eBook
  • Published: 31/01/2014
  • ISBN: 9781448187355
  • Other Editions: Paperback
  • Age Range: 9+ years