ISBN-13: 9781842701799

RRP: £12.99

Published: 1st September 2005

Length: 336 Pages


Sigurd has a fabulous but frightening future predicted: even to start, he must leave everything he knows to go and fight a dragon, and from there descend into the Underworld. Sounds bad enough, but when you know that the dragon lives on a futuristic, industrially-ruined moonscape that was once Hampstead Heath, the scene is set for a staggeringly brutal fight on an epic scale. Unhappily for him, he meets the love of his life in the underworld, and Sigurd's efforts to rescue his lover will cause huge heartache and grief for both of them, and also for everyone who ever meets them.


"A work of mind-bending imagination and power . . . A must-read for all fantasy fans"
Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading

"'A gripping story of horrific proportions from a prize-winning author.'"
Publishing News

". . .this is more than a vivid story, full of passion, intrigue and terrifying violence. It is also beautifully wrought."
Anne Johnstone - Glasglow Herald

"'Based on the same Nordic saga as the award-winning BLOODTIDE, this is another riveting story.'"
The Bookseller

"Burgess's great triumph is not so much in inventing new stories as in finding fresh ways of retelling the ones that are themselves in danger of falling into extinction."
Kathryn Hughes - Guardian