ISBN-13: 9781849396875

RRP: £5.99

Published: 1st August 2013

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback

Bob the Bursting Bear

Leaving Toy School for his new home, Bob the Bear thinks he knows all there is to being loved and cuddled. But in the end it is a surprising and unusual talent that helps him most of all . . .


"Utterly silly . . . utterly wonderful!"
The Bookbag

"Engaging, charming and funny... delightfully illustrated -an absolute winner."
The School Librarian

"The combined, and recognised talents of Michael Rosen and Tony Ross make this story work very well."
Armadillo Magazine

"Tony Ross is prolific and his zany imagination never seems to stall."

"Michael Rosen can be depended upon for his oddball magic . . . Tony Ross’s quaintly ebullient style complements a tale determined to go out with a bang and no whimpering."
The Guardian