ISBN-13: 9781839133411

RRP: £12.99

Published: 6th June 2024

Length: 32 Pages

  • Hardback

Every Wrinkle has a Story

A poignant and beautiful picture book celebrating the love between a grandfather and his grandchild, from Man Booker Award-winning author David Grossman.
In this touching story, a little boy who likes to draw asks his beloved grandfather about his wrinkles: when and how did he get them? Grandpa explains that every one of his wrinkles has a story, some are happy and some are sad - and each story he tells becomes an illustrated journey through his life.
Every Wrinkle has a Story encourages young children to ask questions about wrinkles, with a beautifully told and illustrated multigenerational tale.


"'gentle, straightforward and lovely'"
Bruce Handy - New York Times