ISBN-13: 9781839131936

RRP: £7.99

Published: 2nd May 2024

Length: 32 Pages

Home is Where My Heart Is

Award-winning Smriti Halls presents this heartwarming tale that teaches us that home is always in your heart.
What does home mean to you? Home is where you’re known, understood and where you can truly be yourself. But is home a place, or is it a feeling? Following Bear’s journey far from home and back again, you will see that home is not one place, it’s the people who love you. And most importantly, you can hold it with you wherever you go.


"This warm, colourful picture book explores the idea of home… not fixed in a single place, but in the people we love and our shared sense of belonging"

"A book that will move your heart and stir your emotions. Gorgeous"
Joseph Coelho

"Smriti Halls’ cumulative and repeated text surrounds the reader like the ‘home’ that is being evoked ... An attractive addition to the picture book boxes and a quiet moment in a busy classroom"
Books for Keeps

"A book to win its place in readers’ hearts"