ISBN-13: 9780862645212

RRP: £4.99

Published: 15th September 1994

Length: 32 Pages

Frog in Winter

Frog is taken by surprise when winter comes. He doesn't understand why everything is covered with white and he skids and slips on the icy pond. He is too cold to take part in any of the joyous fun that Duck is having skating or that Hare is having throwing snowballs. The animals band together to equip Frog for enjoying winter, and later they share in his rejoicing when spring arrives.


"Wonderful story... an easy and enjoyable read, simply told and straightforwardly illustrated."

"Wintry landscapes with cosy interiors in a series of expertly designed compositions."
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"Deceptively simple. Reassuring themes of friendship and kindness for young children."

"The quality of the text raises this picture book above the crowd. . . a simple tale about the value of friendship takes on an eternal Pilgrim's Progress-like quality."