ISBN-13: 9781839131370

RRP: £12.99

Published: 6th October 2022

Length: 32 Pages

Ghost Orchid

See the beauty around you with Ava and her adventuring parents.
Ava’s parents are explorers, and the family is travelling around the world to find the rare ghost orchid. On their way, Ava marvels at the wonders around her: a moose in the woods, the starry desert sky, a blue whale swimming under their boat. But her parents’ focus is on getting to the ghost orchid before it’s short-lived bloom fades, so they don’t notice the wonders of the journey.


"There’s a touch of the Not Now Bernard mentality in the tunnel vision approach of Ava’s parents, though happily they make a decision about slowing down, enjoying the moment and looking through wider lenses on future expeditions"
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"Explore the Ava way with this gentle, beautifully illustrated picture book"

"Ghost Orchid is a gentle and beautifully illustrated story... an important reminder to adults to champion and listen to the voices of the young!"
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