ISBN-13: 9781839133299

RRP: £6.99

Published: 4th April 2024

Length: 144 Pages

Honey's Hive: Bee a Friend

Honey is so good at her job as a scouting bee, finding lots of pollen for her hive, that she’s being awarded a petal medal by the Queen Bee!
But while Honey and her hive are celebrating, the other bees in the neighbourhood are struggling, there’s just not enough pollen left for them. When Honey finds out she’s really worried and tries to help the other bees find pollen too, but not all the bees in the hive think she should help outsiders.
Then the wasps come, and they attack the hive! Thankfully, all the other bees in the neighbourhood come to help their new friend Honey. Honey and her hive all realise how important it is to share and make friends.

The second book in this exciting new series from New York Times bestseller Mo O'Hara, packed with bee facts and stunning illustrations by Aya Kakeda.