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Josh Lacey
Josh Lacey

Josh Lacey is the author of many books for children including The Island of Thieves, The Dragonsitter and the Grk series. He has worked as a journalist and written one book for adults, God is Brazilian. His first book for children, A Dog Called Grk, was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award. Josh lives in London with his wife and daughters.


Beatriz Castro
Beatriz Castro

Beatriz Castro was born in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. When she was a little girl, she was always drawing and writing fantastic stories. She studied at the school of arts in her native town, Logroño. After graduating in Illustration from there in 2008, she embarked on a career as a professional illustrator. Her books have been published by numerous international publishing houses. She likes animals and books, classic stories and fairy tales and listens to rock and punk music.

Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat

(eBook) - 07/01/2021


Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat RRP £5.82


You’re never too young to make a big difference, as Hope Jones has learned in her fight against plastic pollution. Now she's on a mission to save the animals, and persuade everyone she knows to turn vegetarian. But just how can Hope get Dad to give up his beloved bacon butties?

  • eBook
  • Published: 07/01/2021
  • ISBN: 9781787612051
  • Other Editions: Paperback
  • Age Range: 9+ years

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