ISBN-13: 9781783449392

RRP: £6.99

Published: 7th January 2021

Length: 176 Pages

Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat

You’re never too young to make a big difference, as Hope Jones has learned in her fight against plastic pollution. Now she's on a mission to save the animals, and persuade everyone she knows to turn vegetarian. But just how can Hope get Dad to give up his beloved bacon butties?


"Don’t miss Hope’s adventures, if you want to know what’s good for you (and our planet). . . [S]harp, lively, often very funny reading. Readers will be gripped by Hope’s campaign and will finish the book just as well informed as Hope and fully aware of how the choices we make every day affect the world."
Andrea Reece - LoveReading4Kids

"Hope Jones is inspirational and absolutely lives up to her name. . . a wonderful role model for other children who want to change their world"
Kate Heap -

"Informational and inspiring... This is the kind of book the middle grade market needs"
Rohini - Netgalley

"I really like how this series looks at these issues and how everyone can make a difference through even minor changes... a host of lovely characters"
Cathy Petersen - Librarian - Netgalley

"I love Hope Jones... if you're interested in making a difference to our world then this is the book for you"
Nicole Jordan - Librarian - Netgalley

"It prompted us to have lots of conversations about where our food comes from, healthy diets and climate change, and my daughters are now proudly flexitarian"
The Green Parent