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Ralph Steadman
Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman is a British illustrator best known for his collaboration and friendship with the American writer Hunter S. Thompson. Steadman is renowned for his political and social caricatures, cartoons and picture books.

(Hardback) - 24/08/2000

9780862649944 RRP £9.99


Meet the little dot that lives inside your computer. When you have switched off, he takes the opportunity to visit his friend, the Duchess of Amalfi. He whizzes through cyber space to her place, for tea. Sometimes he is full of ink, and wobbly: and sometimes he isn't. There are soldiers in white uniforms at the bottom of the hill, that he likes to cover in ink - and then he dances with them, because he is ashamed of himself. He's pretty good at dancing - so long as he doesn't wiggle he won't make a single blot.

  • Hardback
  • Published: 24/08/2000
  • ISBN: 9780862649944
  • Age Range: 0+ years