ISBN-13: 9781787612471

RRP: £6.66

Published: 5th January 2023

Little Sure Shot

Annie’s family work hard to survive on their Ohio farm. Annie’s happiest when hunting game with her pa, and she doesn’t care one bit that it’s not the kind of thing girls are meant to do. When tragedy strikes, the family is thrown into deepest poverty. Until one day, Annie dares to pick up Pa’s old rifle, and find a way to feed her starving family.

As the family’s fortunes worsen, Annie is sent away to work, and life becomes an ever greater struggle. Yet Annie has the courage and pluck to survive – and her brilliance with a rifle starts to gain her more than just turkeys for the pot. Can Annie’s amazing skills take her all the way to fame and fortune?

An inspiring novel based on the incredible life of sharpshooting star Annie Oakley.


"A terrific voice and a brilliant tale. One of those stories that are so difficult to put down"
Phil Earle

"A gritty yet charming tale of Annie Oakley’s fight to rise above the hardship life throws at her. Little Sure Shot is a fascinating account of a strong and determined girl"
Lesley Parr

"Matt Ralphs has hit the bullseye with this big-hearted story of grit and determination from the American West"
Cat Weldon

"A beautifully crafted account of the troubled early years of Annie Oakley, Little Sure Shot zips along, keeping the history tight to the truth and the characters close to the reader. It's gripping and tender, wrapping heartbreaking themes in the heart-soaring joy that is success against the odds"
Rachel Delahaye

"An inspiring rags-to-riches story"
The Bookseller