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Matt Ralphs
Matt Ralphs

Matt Ralphs has worked in publishing as an editor and writer for many years. He writes fiction and non-fiction books, with a focus on history and the darker side of myths and folklore. He lives in England on a canal boat called Nostromo.

Little Sure Shot

(Paperback) - 05/01/2023


Little Sure Shot RRP £7.99


Annie’s family work hard to survive on their Ohio farm. Annie’s happiest when hunting game with her pa, and she doesn’t care one bit that it’s not the kind of thing girls are meant to do. When tragedy strikes, the family is thrown into deepest poverty. Until one day, Annie dares to pick up Pa’s old rifle, and find a way to feed her starving family.

As the family’s fortunes worsen, Annie is sent away to work, and life becomes an ever greater struggle. Yet Annie has the courage and pluck to survive – and her brilliance with a rifle starts to gain her more than just turkeys for the pot. Can Annie’s amazing skills take her all the way to fame and fortune?

An inspiring novel based on the incredible life of sharpshooting star Annie Oakley.

  • Paperback
  • Published: 05/01/2023
  • ISBN: 9781839132018
  • Age Range: 9+ years