ISBN-13: 9781783448340

RRP: £6.99

Published: 4th July 2019

Length: 272 Pages

Lost for Words

Dallas's life was turned upside down the day her mum was killed in a traffic accident. Now she lives with her brothers, step-sister and her mum's partner Gemma in a too-small house filled with bickering and grief. As the end of primary school approaches, Dallas learns that the local library has run out of funding and will soon be closing. Dallas decides she cannot let another thing she loves be lost. Together with her friends Aiza and Ruby, and her freewheeling American aunt Jessi, she starts a campaign to save the library for everyone.

A beautifully told tale about family, grief and growing up.


"A treasure trove of a book and a timely story about fighting for a library, the right to books and reading, and above all children bravely standing up for what they believe in"
Jane Elson

"Lost for Words is a heart-warming book that brings the importance of libraries and families together. It's an exceptional example of children never giving up and letting the adults have their way. This is a brilliant book guaranteed to inspire and motivate young people"

"A really uplifting, heartwarming story that I recommend highly."

"This is a fantastic story that covers so many issues; autism, family, friendships, growing up and finding our places in the world."

"This is a story brimming with warmth which I know will be a huge hit in my school library."