ISBN-13: 9781783448517

RRP: £7.99

Published: 7th October 2021

Length: 32 Pages

Songs for our Sons

An uplifting, poetic picture book about the unique experiences and opportunities that children raised as boys will encounter in this ever-changing, conformist, highly pressurised world.
A star-scattered night, a brand new baby, and all the potential in the world… dazzling possibilities await him. A beautiful and poignant message is at the heart of this book: whatever is expected of you, you can be whoever you want to be.
The companion book to Dreams for our Daughters, this is a truly stunning gift for children and parents at any key life moment, from birth to graduation.


"A gentle, hopeful dream for a kinder world."

"Full of a sense of tenderness but also possibilities ... every turn of the page [is] an adventure. Giving this and receiving it, both will be a real joy."
Andrea Reece - LoveReading4Kids, October 2020 Debut of the Month

"a book chock full of positive messages for boys as they grow"
Dave Rudden - Irish Independent