ISBN-13: 9781849390156

RRP: £10.99

Published: 4th August 2011

Length: 32 Pages

The Day Louis Got Eaten

When Louis gets eaten up by a Gulper, his big sister Sarah knows she has to act fast, and sets off in hot pursuit. But rescuing a boy from a Gulper's tummy isn't so simple - especially when other strange and
scary creatures are looking for their dinner too. . .


"Fardell is an expert at adapting comic book techniques to the picture book...appeal from infants to teens."
Clive Barnes - Books for Keeps

"Inventive and useful at different levels. Great to read at story times with noises, or one-to-one, scrutinising the illustrations."
Peters Bookselling Services, Book of the Week

"Fantastic monster names and a plucky heroine make this a real winner of a tale."
TBK Magazine, Book of the Month

"Truly amusing, strange, gripping and entertaining."
Early Years Educator

"The ultimate book of cliff-hangers. Very funny and page-turning with clear and colourful illustrations and enough detail to fascinate the most curious child."
Armadillo Magazine