ISBN-13: 9781787612716

RRP: £12.49

Published: 7th March 2024

The Fox Maidens

Kai has trained all her life in her father’s martial arts school. Though she is looked down upon for being a girl, she proves her courage when assassins launch a ruthless attack on her family. Yet Kai is the inheritor of a dark secret: each month she is transformed into a fox demon, and must hunt and kill a man so she can return to her life as a young woman. As the deaths mount and the townspeople start to voice their suspicions, Kai desperately searches for a way out.
Meanwhile, there is a mysterious girl who shares a secret bond with Kai, and whose love may be the key to breaking her curse...

Inspired by the ancient nine-tailed fox legends of Korea, The Fox Maidens is a searing, thrilling fantasy romance told in beautiful, striking graphic art.


"A gripping fantasy novel about fighting for one’s place in the world and the need to right past wrongs"
Five Books, Best Books for Teens of 2024

"A lushly illustrated fantasy that feels ancient and modern at the same time"
Kirkus Reviews

"Haunting and arresting, with fine character development...The Fox Maidens is a powerful story of love and forging your own fate. Rich with historic details that evoke 16th-century Korea, it’s also sweepingly timeless and emotionally resonant"
LoveReading4Kids, Star Book