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Angela Sommer-Bodenburg
Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg comes from Hamburg, Germany, where she was a primary school teacher. She now lives in the USA. The Little Vampire is her most famous book, especially in Germany, although she has also written a number of short stories and poems, which have appeared in anthologies and journals.

The Little Vampire

(Paperback) - 03/02/2005


The Little Vampire RRP £4.99


Tony is a nine-year-old horror story addict, so he can hardly believe his luck when a little vampire called Rudolph lands on his windowsill one evening. Together the two have a series of hilarious adventures involving visits to Rudolph's home - The Vampire Family Vault - where Tony hears chilling tales of the cemetery keeper (the vampires' sworn enemy) and narrowly escapes the clutches of Rudolph's Great-Aunt Dorothy. The story reaches its climax at a disastrous supper party to which Tony has rashly invited the vampire and his sister, Anna, to meet his parents. The story, with its vampire protagonists, is known for its generous dose of offbeat humour.

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