ISBN-13: 9781849390651

RRP: £5.99

Published: 5th January 2012

Length: 32 Pages

The Tale of Georgie Grub

This is the tale of Georgie Grub
Who would not give himself a scrub.
No matter how his mother tried
When she said "SOAP", he'd run and hide.

But Georgie meets a gruesome end in this hilariously anarchic tale.


"Ideal if you're looking for something a bit cheeky, a bit naughty, and lots of fun. Recommended."
Keith Dudhnath -

"Vibrant illustrations full of colour, energy and life couple the text in an equally humorous way."
Early Years Educator

"A very enjoyable cautionary tale with flowing text and really funny illustrations. Children will love this one."
Parents In Touch

"A book which is likely to bring smiles to many children's faces."
The School Librarian

"Funny cautionary tale with wonderful rhyming text."